About Xmundane

What exactly is Xmundane and how can I get it?

Xmundane is a tabletop miniature skirmish game similar in scale and scope (but not necessarily in terms of game play) to Wyrd Games Malifaux or Ospray Games Frostrgave. It is intended to be played on a flat 3x3' surface with 28mm scale miniatures and represent small scale skirmishes between small groups of monsters and monster hunters. In addition to some appropriately scaled, and based miniatures (about 5-10 to a side) the game also requires measuring tape, a few dice, as well as few printable templates and tokens. While it can be played on a bare tabletop, terrain features such as buildings, fences and walls and crates to hide behind are also recommended.

Xmundane Miniatures

Xmundane is in very early stages of development and testing. A public beta version of rules will be available as a free PDF download in early 2016. Eventually the game will be be available for purchase in paperback copy. Xmundane has no official miniatures at the moment.

Xmundane Setting

Welcome to Little Hope, NJ

Xmundane takes place in Little Hope, NJ: a fictional small town in the Pine Barrens that is part Twin Peaks, part Nightvale, part Sunnydale. It's a place that could have been a setting for an episode of Supernatural or The X-Files.

The theme of the game is a mondern day, supernatural pulp fantasy. While it embraces some elements of gothic horror, it is intended to be a light hearted genre mash that allows mythical creatures co-exists alongside aliens and wizards.


Little Hope is a perfectly normal, NJ town. There is nothing strange or unusual going on there. The fact that the Town Hall and the Mayor's office opens at dusk and closes at dawn is perfectly unremarkable, and the official Township website assures residents and visitors it's definitely not because all town officials are vampires. There is also no evidence that the local Vegan Health Food Store (and Book Club) are being run by a pack of warewolfs. There have been no UFO landings outside of the town at the Old Joes' farm, and the little gray men seen around the town are just weather balloons.

The mansion overlooking the cemetery has been abandoned for years, and no one is rising the dead from their graves at night. The minor and completely unremarkable zombie outbreak in the late 80's have been all taken care off by The Professor and his students. You know, from the lab down the road: the one with strange lights and odd colored chemical runoff that glows in the dark (but is perfectly environmentally safe, so don't worry).

The Mayor's Office would also like to assure all visitors and residents that Jersey Devil is just silly local folklore and definitely not real. Besides, it only haunts Leads Point and was never sighted in Little Hope, regardless of what the silly men and women of New Jersey Cryptoid Hunter Society would tell you. They are very, very silly and you should pay them no heed. Same goes for the NJBPI. The Bureau of Paranormal Investigations is not actually a law enforcement agency and has no business poking their nose into the Little Hope affairs. Residents are advised not to talk to or volunteer any assistance to their agents.

Little Hope is a friendly and welcoming place during the day. Just don't leave your hose at night and remember to check the magical seals and runes on all your doors and windows before going to bed.

Xmundane Factions

Here are some factions available in the game.


The New Jersey Cryptoid Hunter Society

A local club for professional monster hunters, paranormal researchers, and local residents who just wish to keep their families safe.

The Undead

The Undead Minions of the Necromancer

Rising the dead using magic has been prohibited by the township bylaws since the 60's but no one dares to mention that to Nathaniel the Necromancer....

The Mage Hunters

Mages who hunt Witches and Warlocks

These people are Mages, which is totally different from Warlocks. Or so they tell us. No one knows much about them.

The Cultists

Definitely not an Evil Cult

The large compound outside of town belongs to respectable religion which does not, and never have worshiped macable eldritch, tentacled monstrosities.

The Exterminators

Who you gonna call?

Corporate outfit specializing in exterminating ghouls and ghosts from your home and garden for a fee.

The Invaders

They did not come in Peace

There are no aliens at the farm. There is no such thing as UFO's. The little gray men sighted outside Jake's Steakhouse were weather balloons.

The Inquisition

Nobody Expects Them

None of the mainstream religions can explain what happens in Little Hope. The Church on Main St is where men and women of cloth meet to discuss best methods to slay monsters.

The Evil Genius

Super Science with Criminal Intent

The Professor and his students are good people. They pay a lot of taxes to run their lab. Pay no heed to the glowing chemical runoff, and strange lights and noises. They are good people.


BPI is on the case

BPI is the Bureau of Paranormal Investigations. It was created as a way to divert and defraud taxpayer funds but then it's agents found Little Hope and now the have lot's of work on their hands.

The Vampires

There is no such thing

The Mayor of Little Hope would like to assure you he is not, and has never been a vampire. He has also not turned his cabinet members into vampires. Now please invite him to your house (he can't come in otherwise).

Ghost Gangsters

Straight out of Prohibition Era

Please ignore the rumor that Nathaniel the Necromancer summoned the spirits of few dozen of local prohibition era gangsters who broke out from under his control. Ghosts don't exist.

The Werewolves

Beware of the full moon

The Vegan Health Food Store owners might be a little hairy, but they are good people. The fact that the Vegan Book Club meetings coincide with full moon is coincidence. Still, you should probably stay home.

Beta Testers And Artists Wanted

Want to help test Xmundane rules?

Would you like to become part of the creative team?